The Foundation exists in part to insure people have options in all areas of their physical well-being. It does not offer medical diagnosis or advice, but provides education in this area so that the person seeking assistance is better equipped to find what s/he needs to move forward with their healing.

Alternative treatment is a term that is both outdated and misleading. It is outdated because as a society we have come to understand that many methods referred to by this term are not new. Rather, most are ancient in origination.

The term is misleading because it infers that the modalities in this area are to be used instead of traditional, modern Western medicine. The Foundation prefers the term "complimentary treatment" to describe the blending of ancient wisdom with modern healing methods.

Additionally, the Foundation is focused on creating a more peaceful and sustained global body - our planet, Earth. In this regard, we seek to make the public aware of how we can seek to be environmentally conscious, both individually and as communities. In support of this endeavor, the Foundation provides a quarterly grant to like-minded individuals and organizations who are working to further peace, prosperity, diversity and cooperation in both local and global communities.

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